Welcome to the Gymnastic Du Sol!

Our school provides modern professional equipment for Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Tumbling, and Trampoline. Our programs are suitable for students of any age and skill level. In Gymnastics Du Sol your child will be able to get a professional physical training, a healthy and flexible body, an excellent physical shape. We can teach your child such gymnastic elements, as flips, backflips, handspring, cartwheel, salto, straddle and much more.

At Gymnastics Du Sol, we aim to create an environment in which coaches, students, and parents will work together to develop the talents of Miami, preparing young athletes to participate in Florida's gymnastics youth team.

We invite you to the very center of Miami to join our friendly team and enjoy gymnastics together here at Gymnastics Du Sol!


Summer 2019 is COMING Soon!!!

Florida State meet

Event venue: DuSol Gymnastics
Meet director:
Oksana Ivanchuk (786)252-6744

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Summer 2019 is COMING Soon!!!

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You can call us at (888) 737-8818
Email: gymnasticsdusol@gmail.com

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