After School Care

____%203_0[1]We offer a service that few Gyms offer

We pick up your girl or boy from there school on brand New state of the art Buses , with licensed and insurance professional drivers, we pick your child from there school and bring them to our facility right after school everyday or as many times of the week you desire.

We then give them a snack or small meal if you wish or they can have there on.

We then make sure if you wish that they do there homework and as soon as they finish they can go pay till Gymnastics Classes start at 4:00pm you can then pick them up at 6:00 pm all tired with there homework done and ready for a shower a small meal and Bed .

Easy Pizzi .

We do not charge for the transportation but the fee is a little more than if you bring them because they do spend an extra hour with us here at the gym.

We have many parents that use this service all school year long and are very happy.