After School Care


We can offer you a service that hardly any other Gym offers.

We will pick up your child from school on a new modern bus, which is operated by a driver with a professional license and insurance. Your child will be delivered to our facility right after school. We can take your boy or girl every day or as many times a week as you need.

We can also offer your child a snack if the need arises, or they can have their own.

Then, if you want, we can make sure that your child does the homework. As soon as the kid copes with it, he or she can go play until 4:00 pm, when Gymnastics Classes begin. At 6:00 pm you can already take your child, tired and contented, with the homework done, just to have a small meal at home and put your baby to sleep.

Yep, it’s THAT easy.

We have many parents that use this service all school year long and are very happy.

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