Trampoline & Tumbling

Students learn to flip and twist in the air while building physical strength, agility in conjunction with mental discipline. Levels are set forth by the United States Gymnastics Association ( USAG )

Athletes at the Gymnastics compete on the local, regional, national and international levels. Students learn basic introduction to the fun and high flying acrobatic skills needed for balance and tumbling on a trampoline bed. Students can choose from 1-hour classes or 2-hour sessions and are instructed by highly qualified trampoline and tumbling specialists that are certified by USA Gymnastics, (USAG)

These physical abilities and mental discipline your child learns to master trampoline and tumbling skills in combination with routines will improve their performance in other sports in school.

Classes are open to students ages 4 and up , and are categorized by fundamental, intermediate and advanced tumbling skill types.

Each class includes an appropriate warm-up followed by instruction in tumbling, flexibility and conditioning skills.

  • Tumble Tramp.
  • Double Mini.
  • Trampoline

A variety of skill cushions and mats are used as training aids.

SAFETY is first at Du Sol all our coaches are First aid  CPA & AED Certified

All instruction is under the supervision of a former athlete and trained Coach in that specialty.

Tumbling , Trampoline  & Double Mini Fundamental classes are recreational in nature for beginner level girls and boys.

Focus  on basic tumbling skills include:

  • hurdle technique,
  • cartwheels,
  • round-offs,
  • and standing back handsprings,
  • running back and front handsprings.

Intermediate Tumbling classes are focus is on:

  • round-off back handsprings,
  • front handsprings,
  • dive rolls,
  • running front tucks,
  • round-off back tucks and back handspring back tuck progressions.

And lots more all in focus to help the athlete achieve his or her  full potential.

Trampoline and Tumbling  better know as T&T  first appeared as an Olympic Sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympics! These classes are all about bouncing, running, and more bouncing.

Kids will learn skills and safety on three events:

  • Trampoline,
  • Double Mini,
  • Tumbling

Although its extremely fun, this sport is about form and technique.

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