Pavel Pozdniakov (PASHA)

Pavel Pozdniakov (also known as Pasha) began his career in Sports Acrobatics (Acrobatic Gymnastics) back in 1989 when he was only seven years old. From the very beginning and throughout his sporting way, Pavel demonstrated excellent discipline, endurance, perseverance and passion for this kind of sport.

Pavel performed in the men’s pair until 1996, showing excellent results and becoming one of the youngest athletes. In 1997, he won the third place in the Junior Russian Championship. In this competition, Pavel showed the most complicated elements for his young age.

Inspired by his victory at the national junior championship, Pavel began to train even more actively. In 1998, Pavel managed to take 1st place at the Junior Russian Championship, being well ahead of all participants. He showed outstanding routines, revealed his masculinity, grace and his passion for acrobatics, thereby winning the title of an acrobatics rising star.

Over the next period, Pavel Pozdniakov continued to perform in the men’s four and received significant national and international awards. Not only he won great national championships but also broke records on performing complex elements in his age group. It was for these early, but such outstanding sporting achievements, that the Russian Sport Federation invited him to become a member of the National Team and participate in competitions at the international level.

This allowed Pavel to receive a large number of new opportunities, although it meant taking enormous responsibility. The athlete joined the best of the best acrobats of his country and was awarded the great honor of performing for the Russian Federation in international tournaments and world championships.

Pavel certainly lived up to the expectations of his team and his country when, in 1998, he acted as a member of the national team at his first important competition, the European Junior Championship. Being still at such a young age, Pavel won the competition, having achieved the highest results and leaving behind many experienced and talented athletes. Pavel gave an incredible performance, making the audience stand up and applaud every time he showed his routines.

Having shown great success in international competitions, Pavel was invited as a participant in the gymnastic demonstration for the 1998 Senior Russian Championship. His performance was admired by his peers, as well as older and more experienced athletes. The jury also highly appreciated the complexity of the elements performed by Pavel and the difficulty of doing them at his young age.

A little later in the same year, Pavel won the Junior Russian Championship, once again proving to the whole sports world that no one else deserves his place in the national team more than he does.

In 1998, Pavel Pozdniakov was awarded the highest sports ranking in Russia: Master of Sports of International Level.

In 1999, the Volkov Cup was held – one of the most important international tournaments. In this competition, the most experienced and trained athletes took part, fighting for the title of the best acrobat in the world. The world record-breaking routines of Pavel were especially noted by the public, other contestants, as well as by the panel of international judges. His combinations with triple somersaults and twisting elements have never been seen in any competition before. That’s why Pavel received the highest marks and won the Volkov Cup. A little later in the same year, Pavel participated in the Senior Russian Championship, where he first met with senior rivals. He barely managed to reach the age category, but showed himself brilliantly, having achieved the second place.

Competing at his last Junior Russian Championship in 1999, Pavel again became an unbeatable leader. He not only finished his program with original new elements but also got the highest score.

Then he participated in the Junior World Championships in 1999. Pavel prepared a truly stunning performance, which everyone watched with bated breath. He showed the judges all his talent, all his abilities, thereby amazed them. In that competition, Pavel won a set of 4 Gold medals.

After his triumphant victory at the 1999 Junior World Championship, Pavel was invited to take part in the European International Acro-Gymnast Tour. The tour included splendid and complex performances and gala concerts, which presented the public the best gymnasts and acrobats from around the world.

After completing the tour Pavel took part at the 1999 Senior World Championship. He won 3 silver medals, falling short from the gold score by only three points. Nevertheless, his performance made a colossal impression.

In 2000, at the National Senior Russian Sport Acrobatics Cup, Pavel, as expected, showed an impeccable performance, using complex and original elements in his routines. Pavel became the undisputed winner, having received for the performance the highest score at the Cup.

In the summer of 2000, the Open Gymnastic Championship was held in Moscow. Athletes from all over the world participated in it. Athletes received special invitations because to compete in this competition they had to meet the highest standards. Pavel was a “must be” invitee. The audience of the competition and the panel of judges highly appreciated his triple somersaults and combinations with strongest twisting elements, and Pavel was awarded a gold medal.

After the competition Pavel also participated in the 2000 Russian Championship, showing himself in the best shape, and again got the first place, paving the way to the upcoming 2000 Senior World Championship.

At the championship, Pavel demonstrated an almost perfect routine, having made a superb impression on the judges with his ability on the floor and therefore received 3 Silver and 1 Gold medals.

Pavel was then invited to participate in the 2001 International Championship in the United States. Athletes from all corners of the world, including such traditional leading countries in acrobatics, as England, China and Germany participated in this competition. But even among this variety of talents, there was not one that could defeat Pavel. And again he won the first place.

After another victory, Pavel returned to training to prepare for the 2001 Senior Russian Championship. In this championship Pavel was awarded the first prize, enlarging his collection with another important national award.

In the summer of 2001, Pavel participated in the Senior European Championship, where he collected a set of 2 Silver and 2 Gold medals.

In 2001 and 2002, Pavel received invitations to participate in various gala tours, which also included the best acrobats and gymnasts of the world.

In 2003, the national teams of countries leading in the field of sports acrobatics competed for prestigious prizes at the World Cup. Pavel Pozdniakov showed an amazing performance and won the World Cup. At that moment he created his own undeniable title, becoming one of the best sports acrobats in the world.

In the spring of 2003, Pavel decided to leave the big sport and informed the Russian Federation of Sport Acrobatics. In that year Pavel Pozdniakov, who undoubtedly became a real sports acrobatics world star, completed his sports career, having won the Senior Russian Championship for the last time.

Nevertheless, Pavel left the sports acrobatics only in order to apply his talent in another sphere – circus acrobatics. In the same year 2003, he joined the troupe of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, one of the best entertainment company, as a principal acrobat.

Pavel is also a Certified judge for acrobatics gymnastics by USGA.

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