Dear Parents!

Dear Parents!

Since the new school year, the Dusol gymnastics school invites children to the «School Camp». K-12

Children will come with their computers and headphones, they will be seated at a safe distance of 3-4 meters from each other. There will be teachers in the hall who speaks fluently and understands English, they will help to enter the system, control how the child is engaged, and if necessary, print documents. They will monitor and assist with homework.

🍛There is a hot lunch service.

After the completion of the educational process in our program: artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, jumping on trampolines, aerial gymnastics, gymnastics on silk canvases, acrobatics, circus art lessons, tennis, football, chess, basketball, Marshal Art, dancing, ping-pong, fun games and sports relay races.


8.30-3 $ 185 / week
8.30-6. $ 225 / week

Please call for details on the number (calls, if the number does not answer, write SMS)

🚌There is also a transportation service for children, we can pick them up and take them home. Cost $ 8 one way, $ 6 discount for two children.

🥇Our school has been operating for 10 years, and has raised world champions.

🏆Our trainers with many years of experience and pedagogical education. World and European champions, members of national teams of the country, artists of Cirque Du Soleil, Broadway shows. And all this under the guidance of the multiple World and European Champion 🙋🏼‍♂Pavl Pozdnyakov.

🏠Size of our hall: 20.000 sf