Pavel Pozdniakov ( PASHA)

Pavel-Pozdniakov[1]Pavel Pozdniakov( Pasha) began training Sport Acrobatic (Acrobatics gymnastics)in 1989, at the age of seven. From the outset, he demonstrated incredible sense of discipline, perseverance and passion for this sport.

From 1989 to 1996 Pavel performed in men’s pair, achieving great success and recognition as one of the youngest athletes. In 1997 he won the 3rd place in the Jr. Russian Championship. In this competition he showed the most difficult elements at a very young age.

Inspired by the recent victory at the national junior championships, Pavel intensified his training. In 1998 Pavel won the Jr. Russian Championship by far outperforming the rest of the competitors. He showed brilliant routines, and passion and grace for the sport acrobatics, and established himself as a rising star of acrobatics.

In the following years Pavel Pozdniakov continued competing in men’s four and attained major national and international awards. Not only he won important national championships, but he also broke the record of performing difficult elements in his age group. For these early yet already so outstanding accomplishments, the Russian Sport Federation invited him to become a member of the National Team and compete at international competitions.

Becoming a member of the national team meant a whole new world of possibilities, but also a great deal of responsibility, as Pavel was joining the best of the best in the country, and was extended the privilege to defend the entire country’s honor in international tournaments and world championships.

Pavel proved the Federation’s officials’ expectations were entirely justified, when as a member of the national team he competed at his first important international event – the 1998 Jr. European Championship. Still a very young athlete at the time, Pavel won this championship upon receiving the highest scores and leaving behind some really talented athletes. Pavel competed brilliantly, receiving the audience’s standing ovations for each of the routines he performed.

In recognition of his first international achievement, Pavel was invited to take part in a demonstrative performance at the 1998 Senior Russian Championship. His performance received the admiration of his senior peers and recognition of the judges for performing some of the most complex and difficult technical elements for his age.

Later in the same year Pavel won the Jr. Russian Champion, once again proving to the sport authorities that his place on the national team is well deserved.

In 1998 Pavel Pozdniakov was awarded the highest national ranking for athletes: Master of Sport of International Level.

In 1999 one of the biggest International tournaments, the Volkov Cup, took place. The strongest senior athletes competed for the prizes and for the recognition as one of the best acrobats in the world. Pavel was specially noticed by the audience, contestants and a panel of international judges in this competition for his world record-breaking routines: combinations with triple somersaults and twisting elements, which we have never seen before in any tournaments. Not surprisingly, Pavel received the perfect score and won the prestigious Volkov Cup.
Later that year Pavel competed at the Senior Russian Championship, where for the first time he competed with seniors. Barely old enough to qualify for the competition with this age group, he won the 2nd place.

Competing at his last national junior championship in 1999, Pavel once again was unsurpassed, finishing the program with original new elements, and earning the top score.

He thereafter competed in the 1999 World Junior Championship. Pavel put together an triumphant performance, which stunned the crowds. He impressed the entire panel of judges with his unparalleled ability and talent. Pavel won a set of 4 Gold Medals.

After his major victory at the 1999 World Junior Championship, Pavel was invited to participate in the International Acro-Gymnast Tour around Europe – prestigious spectacles and galas that presented audiences with the best gymnasts and acrobats from around the world.

Upon completion of the tour Pavel competed at the 1999 Senior World Championship.  He received three silver medals at, falling short from the gold medals only by three points, but nonetheless making a tremendous impact with his performance.

At the 2000 Senior Russian SportAcrobatics Cup, the coaches and judges were equally impressed with his flawless performance and complex, original routines. Pavel was clearly undefeated, scoring the top place at the Cup.

In the summer of 2000 the City of Moscow hosted the Open Gymnastic Championship. Athletes from around the world participated, but participation was limited to those specially invited, as the event required the highest standards. Pavel was a “must be” invitee. He impressed the audience with his triple somersaults and combinations with strongest twisting elements, and won the gold medal.

Pavel subsequently competed at the 2000 Russian Championship, showing a magnificent routine and once again winning the 1st place, qualifying himself for the upcoming 2000 Senior World Championship.

At the World Championship Pavel demonstrated a nearly perfect routine, impressed the judges with his ability on the floor, earning himself 3 Silver and 1 Gold Medals.

Pavel was then invited to compete in the 2001 International Championship held in the United States. Athletes from many countries competed for the prizes, including athletes from the traditional sport acrobatics leaders like England, China, and Germany among others. Again Pavel performed his routine brilliantly and won the first place.

Pavel returned to training in preparation the 2001 Senior Russian Championship. He won the first place in this championship, receiving yet another major national award.

In the summer 2001 Pavel competed in the Senior European Championship, where he won 2 silver and 2 gold medals.

In 2001 and 2002, Pavel received an invitation to participate in various gala tours featuring some of the world’s best acrobats and gymnasts.

In 2003 national teams of the countries reigning in the field of sport acrobatics competed for the prestigious prizes at the World Cup. Pavel Pozdniakov made an astounding performance, winning the Cup, and at this point earning himself the undisputed recognition of one of the world’s best athletes in the disciplines of sport acrobatics.

The Russian Federation of SportAcrobatics learned of Pavel’s plan to leave the sport in the spring of 2003. This was, to say the least, sad news for the Federation. That year Pavel Pozdniakov, a sport acrobatics world star, made his finale in sport acrobatics at the Senior Russian Championship, winning this last championship.

Pavel left sport acrobatics to apply talent in the exciting field of circus acrobatics. In 2003 he joined Cirque du Soleil, an internationally acclaimed entertainment company, as a principal acrobat.

Certified judge for acrobatics gymnastics by USGA.